A Wide Range of Wood Burning Stoves

We are agents for several manufacturers of wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves and can source any stove you require upon request. Sensibly chosen a woodstove will enhance your home and your comfort as well as reduce your dependency on gas, electricity and oil. Below is a small sample of the range of stoves we can offer.

Woodwarm Fireblaze

Handcrafted in Devon for over 30 years, Woodwarm Stoves are a real favourite of ours. We have a selection of these legendary wood burning stoves on display in our showroom here in Burgess Hill. 

Woodwarm is passionate about design and has a range of very efficient clean-burning stoves, all fitted with a unique air wash system that circulates preheated air around the stove then ‘washes’ the double glazed door, keeping the glass as clean as possible.

Built with cutting edge technology that ensures more heat is produced with less fuel so that emissions are kept to a very minimum to protect the environment around us.

Really excellent quality stoves, individually built by skilled craftsmen at their purpose built-factory in Devon, each one handmade to order and highly recommended by us here at Mystove!

Very easy to use and come in a huge range of sizes from the lovely 4kw Phoenix Firewren to the mighty 20kw Fireview or Wildwood ranges. Wood or multi-fuel stoves in a range of colours there is bound to be a Woodwarm to suit your home!

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FDC woodburning stove sussex

Excellent quality stoves designed and developed in the UK, FDC stoves have large glass doors ensuring the fire is very visible, especially the very good 5kw Wide and 8kw versions, which will take 15" logs!! All have a draught controlled tertiary airwash system, resulting in consistently cleaner glass and a greener environment. Most FDC wood burning stoves have achieved DEFRA exemption for smokeless zones.

FDC 8kw stove is shown here

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hunter parkray aspect 4 wood burning stove

The Hunter Stoves Group design and manufacture eight world-class stove ranges at their bases in Devon & Cornwall where they have been creating innovative stoves for over 40 years.  Hunter Stoves are committed to the research and development of stove technologies, creating stoves that are highly efficient and can provide 'green' heating of the 21st Century.

The model shown is the Parkray Aspect 4, featuring a large window, combines looks, control ability and high efficiency.

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Ecco woodburning Stove

With high efficiency and very low carbon emissions, the Ecco Stove ® heats a greater area from a single source, making it the ultimate alternative to a traditional wood-burning stove and one of the most unique masonry heaters on the market today.

The Ecco Stove ® masonry heater generates extremely high combustion temperatures within its burn chamber, which in turn results in industry-leading clean-burning efficiency and low emissions levels. While achieving this, the Ecco Stove ® still manages to maintain a relatively cool and slow heat-releasing outer body temperature, which is one of its main characteristics and unique advantages.

Ecco Stoves have been tested to the new Eco Design Standard 2022 for the Uk and Europe (EC models) passing with extremely low particulate emissions. With models up to 93% efficient the Ecco Stove gets the most out of every log and distributes that warmth to a huge area at a balanced rate. 

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Hobit Stove

Salamander produce the awesome little 'Hobbit' stove from their Devon-based premises. Although small these stoves are very capable and rated at 4kw, more than enough for a small room or space! These multi-fuel stoves are ideal for small fireplaces, workshops, shepherds huts, summerhouses and garden studios. As seen on George Clarks' Amazing Spaces program on Channel 4. Absolutely brilliant little stove! Complete with a 5-year guarantee..

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Heta Ambition 5 kw

When you choose a HETA stove, you get Danish design and quality, built for ease of use with very low emissions.

These stoves feature a larger door glass for viewing the fire..

Lovely contemporary design with excellent air wash systems.

Available in many options and designs.

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