Wood Stove Fireside Notes

Using good dry logs reduces smoke, produces more heat and will help to keep your wood-burning stove and chimney in good health..

When logs are burned in an efficient, clean-burning wood stove, the solar energy stored in the tree is used to heat your home. Considering the whole fuel cycle, a wood stove will heat your home more efficiently and with lower environmental impact than any other fuel option.

A wood stove does not contribute to global warming as only the carbon dioxide would have been released by the forest itself. Using wood for heat means fewer fossil fuels burned, less greenhouse gas emissions, and a healthier environment.

Wood Burning carbon dioxide co2 Cycle

Using an efficient wood stove with seasoned logs is a very economical way to heat your home

Wood Burning Stove News

HETAS, the body working with trade and government on all matters 'stove' released this paper.

The need to use good dry hardwood logs in your wood burning stove cannot be emphasised enough.

When freshly cut, wood has a very high moisture content and is unsuitable for burning. This moisture needs to be reduced to below 20% for the logs to burn well and produce heat. Hence the need for buying good seasoned or kiln dried logs. 

Unseasoned wet wood creates lots of smoke, produces very little heat and will definitely damage your chimney or liner over time.

Logs should be stacked ideally in log store where the wind can dry them but protect from rainfall.

Using a moisture meter is a great way of checking your logs to see if they are dry enough; these be bought cheaply from us or online.

Kiln-dried logs are good option as the kiln drying process reduces moisture to less than 10%

Buying seasoned logs in the summer from a reputable supplier ready for the winter is a good plan or just get kiln dried logs as and when you need them.

We have local suppliers of logs..please ask!

Do also ensure your chimney is swept at least once a year and the stove checked over at the same time.

Martin our recommended chimney sweep is on 07720882622 or martin@mysweep.co.uk