The Anevay Frontier Stove

Avenay Frontier Camping Stove
Avenay Frontier Camping Stove

The Manufacturer says:

Around one-third of the world’s population still cooks on solid fuel, and the health problems that arise from breathing in toxic fumes from open fires is a very real problem.

We designed the Frontier Stove to remedy this problem. It has a long flue, which transports harmful fumes away from those cooking on the stove, and the increased efficiency means that less fuel is needed.

The Frontier has been sent out to disaster zones all over the world, and has stood up to years of rigorous testing in the field. We are so proud of this little stove and all it has accomplished.

Mystove says:

The Frontier Stove by Anevay is an extremely versatile Camping Stove. It's easy to set up and use and puts out up to 2kw of heat to warm all who gather round. Fired by wood it is a very capable cooker and with the optional water heater, it's all you need. Very portable as the stovepipe sections can be stored inside the stove and the legs fold up. Robustly constructed and at only £150 its an affordable campsite essential. On display now in our showroom.